Spanish Learning Status – Update Feb 2018

Spanish Learning Status – Update Feb 2018

I have been attempting to do “No Zero Days’ with my Spanish learning. The quick explanation for this concept is that you need to do at least one small thing every day towards a specific goal. For me in Spanish, making sure I review just one word in Spanish everyday, it keeps the No Zero Day streak going. Most of the time, once you get into that mode you will continue and review or learn or read once you started. And that 1 word you reviewed will catapult you into increased motivation and compound your efforts over days and weeks going forward.

So, last year I was working toward a goal of speaking 15 minutes with one of the older relatives during New Year’s. I “failed” on this goal due to my son being sick during New Year’s and we stayed home that night. I was “successful” though as in middle of January I had a Video call with a native Spanish speaker for 45 minutes, with 97% of the conversation in Spanish. I’m considering that as a Win for the goal!

My new plans are to continue working on adding more vocabulary via flashcards and reading articles in Spanish. I created an Instagram account where I put up a new word that I find and create a “flashcard” with only Spanish on it. Translations are in the comments. These pictures really help solidify the vocabulary. I find myself seeing a similar object and my brain goes back to the picture and new word which further solidifies the word in my long term memory.

I’ve really enjoyed using the Instagram account. I get to interact with other learners often via Instagram and helps create motivation each week. You can find me @ryanlearnsspanish on Instagram.

I am also trying to practice as much as I can with my wife. Some days go well and we stick to Spanish for awhile, then one of us switches back to English. I just have to remember, “One Day at A Time”.

Fluent Forever

Really looking forward for Gabriel Wyner’s new app that is coming this year called “Fluent Forever”. Make creating flashcards a lot easier than Anki – Desktop only :(. Can’t wait to be on the Beta Team! Check out the crowdfunding campaign here.