Spanish Learning Update Week 3

Spanish Learning Update Week 3

I have seen some small strides in my Spanish in the last couple weeks.

  • Doing Lingvist every day has been going well. Since beginning of October, I have done every day with goal of minimum of 100 flashcard review and minimum of those flashcards being new cards. According to the app, I have learned 1090 words which is approximately 71% of written text. There have been some minor annoyances with the app being that you can tell the creators are not native English speakers. Some of the “English” words don’t correlate correctly fully to the Spanish words.


  • I have not been doing well with writing every day. Main goal this coming week to do a paragraph every day next week. I think this will help me with thinking in Spanish better.


  • I recently went to the library and went through the children’s section of Spanish books. I found out it helps to read these books as the picture help with understanding the unknown Spanish words better without having to look up what it means. Another tip would be to read out loud. It really works those facial muscles you don’t normally use and can help with practicing saying harder words.


  • Watching TV with my son, I turn on cartoons that have Spanish Audio. He’s happy and I’m practing more. I am starting to here phrases easier! My wife just looks at me weird when I repeat the phrases I understand out loud happily. 🙂 I have also switched the TV audio to Spanish for when watching American Football. I don’t understand much of this, but I can catch some words and phrases here and there.


  • Lastly, I came across and audio course called Language Transfer (Complete Spanish). It is a little rough on the quality(Compared to Pimsleur), but the process in which he teaches is called the “Thinking Method” has really helped in teaching me working my way through Spanish and thinking about coming to the correct words and conjugations. He really gives a good framework on was to remember how conjugations and English words come over to Spanish. I am currently on about Episode 30 with a total of 90 episodes of around 10 minutes each.