On to the First Project

On to the First Project

I found out about FreeCodeCamp.com back in January. I had learned some HTML and CSS previously. So, I was able to go through 90 challenges in about 2 days. But life and other things got in my way and I didn’t get back to FreeCodeCamp until last week early June. It took a little bit of remembering what I had gone through, mostly around Bootstrap since I hadn’t learned that previously. 

After getting a little quick refresher, I got to the Basic Front End Projects. These are relatively basic as the name suggests. It took me a couple hours to complete the “Build Tribute Page” Bootstrap documentation was super helpful! After finding the Jumbotron class, the project was built quickly. 

One of the rules that for the project was that you shouldn’t use any CSS or Javascript/JQuery. The project was giving me some issue to reverse engineer the test in the body. I wanted to mimic the larger margins but couldn’t use the simple Margin property in CSS.

Finally, after going through the examples on the Bootstrap website, I found the class=”col-md-8 col-md-offset-2″. I don’t fully understand the different Column options. I’m working testing that currently. BUT… I got it to look like the Example Project by Head FreeCodeCamper Quincy Larson.

My Basic Front End Project: http://codepen.io/ryanmbarger/full/QEbBrQ/