Next Project is the Random Quote Machine

Next Project is the Random Quote Machine

It has been a little while since I posted any progress on my FreeCodeCamp Journey. Trying to work in between feeding my son and driving the in-laws to from and to the airport has limited my time on the current projects.


Since last post, I have completed the Basic JavaScript and Algorithm Scripting and moved on to the Intermediate Front End Development Projects. 

I always get these big ideas for the projects and think of ways I can improve on it.

Awesome Possum

Then I just want to make sure I can actually just complete the project. That is were I am at now with my Random Quote machine. I have the Quote working with the API, and it did take awhile for me to find a API I could easily use and implement. Quotes on Design had an API with easy to use documentation so I can add it to my project.

The simple documentation is a life saver. 

I should come back to this project at a later time and implement a couple of my Ideas, like adding a picture of the Person in the quote. BUT first need to get this twitter API to function properly. More on that coming up next time.