#MakeoverMonday Week 7 of 2018

#MakeoverMonday Week 7 of 2018

The Winter Olympics – Makeover Monday Week 7 of 2018

Having lived in Norway for about 5 years, I understood how important the winter Olympics where to the people of Norway. But I didn’t know how crazy far ahead they where in medals in relation to the size of their country.

This weeks data set was all around the Winter Olympics and the Medals counts. It is really fascinating to see how many medals Norway has won compared to much much larger countries like Russia and the USA.


Here is the Original Data Visualization.

What I like about this Visualization:

  • I like that each country shows the progression of years for their medals.

What I Don’t like about this Visualization:

  • Hard to understand what exactly going on with the Graph. Requires you to read the description to understand.
  • Bottom half is really irrelevant as their really isn’t many medals. (Could have consolidated better.)


What I created with the Data:

  • Wanted to highlight just how small the population is for Norway in comparison to the other powers in Winter Olympics. (Side Note: Norway just dominated the 2018 Olympics with Record 39 Medals (14G, 14S, 11B)

What I had issues/learned about Tableau:

  • I wanted to combined the functionality of the Grouped Bubble Chart with the Flag Bubbles, but I couldn’t find a way to do this. I ended up having to “hack” this by just resizing the flags to the same size as the bubbles then deleted the bubble chart.
  • Using images inside the charts is beginning to be a pain.