#MakeoverMonday Week 6 of 2018

#MakeoverMonday Week 6 of 2018

Baseball Demographics (1947-2016) – Makeover Monday Week 6 of 2018

This weeks data was all around the percentage of Ethnicity in baseball since 1946 when Jackie Robinson entered the league. As a sports fan and having watched baseball growing up, this data set was intriguing to me.

Having just watched the World Series Champions here in Houston, I knew the Latino population was well represented by Puerto Rico, Cuba, Venezuela among others.

But this Visualization was not very “pretty”.


Here is the Original Data Visualization.


What I like about this Visualization:

  • I like the area graph.
  • Simplified to show just how much the “White” ethnicity is

What I Don’t like about this Visualization:

  • The bar lines are hard on the eyes and to view
  • Colors were very “blended” in with the white at times due to the bar lines.
  • “Boring”


What I created with the Data:

MLB Ethnicity Dashboard

  • I wanted it to be easier on the eyes and produce a better design.
  • I wanted to highlight the high points for each ethnicity.
  • Give it more context with the MLB logo.

What I had issues/learned about Tableau:

  • It took me forever to find the “annotation” location. I didn’t realize they were called annotations until later.
  • Still having issues with the responsiveness on each of the screen sizes when using the annotations. They move around the screen instead of staying in similar position.
  • Using a more static size would be better when working with floating objects. Will be testing this out on future designs/visualizations.