#MakeoverMonday Week 5 of 2018

#MakeoverMonday Week 5 of 2018

What the Most Profitable Companies Make per Second – Makeover Monday Week 5 of 2018

I recently found this site that is a weekly social data project. It helps push you to become better at Data Visualization and share your design with others for interaction.

I am using these Makeover Mondays as away to increase my data visualization skills along with Tableau. I have worked with visualization and analysis in Excel for a few years now, but only have a very limited understanding of Tableau’s interface. So in my first Tableau Visualization, I wanted to try to get a good understanding on how the program functions compared to what I am used to seeing in Excel. So Let’s DO THIS!


Here is the Original Data Visualization.

What I like about this Visualization:

  • The visualization shows really well how much farther away Apple is from everyone else.
  • Logo’s for all the companies.
  • Header Design

What I Don’t like about this Visualization:

  • Very Busy with too many Colors.
  • Lines that follow along the circular outside don’t really help show size comparison. It is hard to follow to other bars.
  • Don’t think the blue circles behind each logo/company name are necessary. Size comparison doesn’t help understand the smaller differences.


What I created with the Data:

Data Visualization W5 2018

  • I was having some issues with the getting the Text Design that I wanted with Tableau. (I’ll be working on Graphic Design/Text Design on future Makeover Mondays.)
  • I wanted to simplify the colors and focus and the size of Apple’s Profit.
  • I also just focused on the Technology Companies in comparison to Apple.