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Automation – Track your Sleep

I have always been very interested in automating as much of my life as I can, and I also love data points and seeing what you can derive from the data.

With Products like IFTTT (If This Then That)  and Zapier, it is easier to automate repetitive tasks.

I have always have gotten headaches since I was little. Apparently I got them hereditary-ly (probably not a real word). But my father got them, from his mother, from her father… etc. The gift that keeps on giving… but in a bad way. Any way, I usually notice that I get them more often when I don’t get enough sleep. I bought a Fitbit awhile back and it has the ability to track your sleep.

So I created an IFTTThere which took the data from the Fitbit and logged it into a google spreadsheet for further number crunching :).

One thing that I noticed was that I needed to add the “Header” Row so that I could understand what the data actually was… :S. With a little bit of formulas to make the data easier digestible. I was ready to go.

Now I can start to see if there is any correlation between my sleep and when I get headaches.